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I've not heard of any of these techniques you mention so how can they help me?

For those of you reading this and wondering "what is all this NLP, EFT and Reiki about and why haven't I heard of them if they are so amazing?!", I will attempt to explain just why they are so transformative over the next few pages....


Before I started learning how to change my own pattern of thoughts, beliefs and behaviour using transformative techniques such as these I thought the same as you....but then I experienced them first hand and I couldn't believe the changes - my whole family noticed the positive difference in me - the constant worrying and anxiety had disappeared and instead here was a more confident, happy version of me! Several years on and after many hours of training I now am able to use these techniques to help change the lives of others which makes me even happier :)


In my practice I use whatever is needed to make the changes you are looking for and it may be a blend of all of them depending on the outcome needed. For example, if we were working on a phobia, NLP and Tapping are wonderful for getting to the root cause of the phobia and changing the way you feel about it and allowing it to disappear. However you may also need some relaxation to start with to reset your nervous system so Reiki and/or Art may be the perfect way to do that. You do not need to worry about choosing a technique as I will use the right tool for the job : ) There is no "one size fits all" as we are all unique after all!


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