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My Story

I have always been passionate about helping others and as a highly empathic and sensitive person I have always found people have naturally turned to me as a trusted source of support and guidance. As an empath I have always been able to sense the positive & negative energy behind words and actions, and can actually feel the emotions and even physical pain of others which means I can easily tune in to how they are feeling and help them with kindness and compassion. Over the years I have trained in the transformational practices of NLP, Tapping, Hypnotherapy and Reiki, adding to my skills as an artist & teacher. My dream is to show people how to be their own support system and give them the tools they need to get themselves to a happier and more positive place. 

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Image by Sarah Brown

My Approach

The way I work is completely dependant on you and your needs - every one of us is unique and therefore each session or program is bespoke. I will always arrange a free of charge assessment call with you before you come to see me and we can both see if we would like to work together. The practices I use are incredibly transformational so you do have to be ready for a positive change to happen! 

Sessions are payable in advance once the appointment is confirmed.


I currently have practice space in High Wycombe & Marlow.

All art based sessions will be from my art studio in High Wycombe.

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